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Allsports is a unique solution for sports centres that allows you to attract new customers with no costs!

How SportBenefit benefits your gym?

New customer flow

As a SportBenefit partner, you will receive the attention of thousands of subscribers of our service. Our audience is growing every day.

Income increase

No investments. We create a unique offer for your business according to your business model and our capabilities.

Free marketing

No costs. SportBenefit promotes your brand and engages target audience without any investments.

How does it work?

The partner receives a device with an integrated SportBenefit system

Our team installs the partner application on your work device and trains employees. 24/7 technical support

The user receives an individual subscription to the SportBenefit app and visits your facility

Our client scans a QR sticker at your gym, you check the ID and confirm the visit. The visit will be immediately displayed at your personal account with 24/7 access.

Transparent record of visits

Tailored reports allow you to check the number of daily and monthly visits to your facility. Our system automatically generates accounting docs, and we make a wire-transfer payment.

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лого Тренажерный зал "Адреналин"
ДиректорТренажерный зал "Адреналин"

Мы очень довольны работой с командой AllSports! Это сотрудничество позволило привлечь в зал большое количество новых клиентов и увеличить полезную наг...Read more

лого Squash Life
ДиректорSquash Life

За время сотрудничества с AllSports результаты превзошли все наши ожидания. Количество посещений наших кортов увеличилось в разы благодаря притоку кор...Read more

лого Спорткомбинат "Лазурный"
ДиректорСпорткомбинат "Лазурный"

Благодаря работе с AllSports поток клиентов в наш центр существенно вырос, равно как и увеличилось число постоянных клиентов. Также хотелось бы отмени...Read more

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